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About us is an Online advertising company part of the I.C.A.N. Advertising (Pvt) Ltd, managed by a group of highly successful online marketing and programming specialists with over many years of combined business management experience that offers services and products to Business Advertisers. Our unique advertising products provide inexpensive yet effective, solutions to the .advertising needs of Large, Medium or small businesses, as well as individuals.

I.C.A.N. Advertising (Pvt) Ltd., was founded in June 2015 and registered as an advertising company under the companies act no. 07 of 2007 in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. AS web based advertising maintains its rapid development and growth, our company, continues to meet the challenge head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools. Our goal remains the same: To provide the best return to our advertisers' advertising investment through the delivery of quality and affordable web based advertising services. With our innovative ideas and continued efforts,, is proud to introduce Contextual Targeting Technology. Our ultimate challenge is to significantly improve the likelihood of converting any visitor into a buyer and we achieve it by targeting the visitors more closely to the product or service that advertisers are marketing. is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach targeted customers. 100% increase of advertising ROI. Our contextual advertising delivers the most relevant ads to the right audience., adapts top contextual technology which has proven to increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns by 40%. Advertiser will be able to reach their target audiences precisely. Advertisers can monitor their campaign performances in real time with our customized report that allows advertisers to respond to any changes and optimize for better results. We put advertisers' ads with a wide selection of ad formats on anywhere their target audiences will be. No matter what devices and browsers they are using, we get advertiser.


Company Vision

Our company vision is to be the most innovative and proffered advertising agent.

Company Mission

Developing innovative ideas and techniques that create a new basis of competition. Earning our members loyalty by helping them to improve their life. Expanding internationally introducing innovative advertising techniques globally to bring foreign exchange to Sri Lanka to support development of our motherland. Improving connectivity and competitiveness worldwide to grow as one family to create a win - win platform to benefit all the members of the family.

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